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Our company was formed in March 2018 by medical interpretation specialists. 
We have worked in this industry since 2011 and decided to use our knowledge and experience to help people break down the barriers keeping them from a higher quality of life.

Quality of life for foreigners living in Japan: telephone medical interpreting services allow patients to speak with their doctors in their native language without restricting their choices.

Quality of life for foreign patients coming to Japan for treatment and residents: medical coordinator services help people from various countries gain access to high-quality treatment and feel comfortable in a foreign country.

Quality of life for people in various countries: our knowledge sharing programme allows specialists from various countries to study their colleagues’ advances in various disciplines, which increases their qualifications and improves the quality of goods and services worldwide. 


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Our mission: Convenience, Security, Comfort
Medical interpretation and translation
This service is primarily intended for foreigners living in Japan who do not speak Japanese fluently enough for a hospital visit. Read More
Medical coordination services in Japan
Our services are intended for patients who wish to be treated in Japan. The package is generally used for cases of serious disease requiring long-term treatment. Read More
Introductory programmes
MediChat can help you schedule various educational and introductory programmes for medical specialists.
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Your reliable language support in Japan

MediChat can help you schedule various educational and introductory programmes for medical specialists.

Team of experienced medical translators & interpreters
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Wide choice of introductory programmes

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Foreigners that fail to pay their medical bills will be denied subsequent entry to Japan.

Foreigners that fail to pay their medical bills will be denied subsequent entry to Japan.   On June 13, Yomiuri published a notice that we found noteworthy enough to be reproduced here.   “In view of recurring incidence of foreign tourists leaving Japan without paying their medical bills, the Government of Japan approved the policy of denying such tourists future entry. This policy is expected to become effective starting in 2020. It was published on June 14 as part of the government’s concerted effort to streamline the system of rendering medical services to tourists visiting Japan. According to a 2016 study conducted by the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, 35% of the healthcare facilities that treated tourists and other foreign patients had some of t
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Kampo - magic or reality?

Many people have heard of kampo, Japanese herbal alternative medicine. The kampo method of preparing medicinal herbs was developed in ancient times and comprises a complex system of impacts on the human body, primarily aimed at restoring natural balance.   In modern Japanese medicine, kampo treatments are frequently prescribed by many doctors to fill in the gaps left by drugs used in western medical practice.   Practitioners began developing finished dosage forms of kampo medicines as early as the 1920s, but the modern kampo system was officially recognised and approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health in 1976, so that the main kampo medicines are now covered in the national health insurance program along with other prescription drugs.   The main treatmen
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Available in Russian only

Available in Russian only
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