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  • Foreigners that fail to pay their medical bills will be denied subsequent entry to Japan.
    Foreigners that fail to pay their medical bills will be denied subsequent entry to Japan.   On June 13, Yomiuri published a notice that we found noteworthy enough to be reproduced here.   “In view of recurring incidence of foreign tourists leaving Japan without paying their medical bills, the Government of Japan approved the policy of denying such tourists future entry. This policy is expected to become effective starting in 2020. It was published on June 14 as part of the government’s concerted effort to streamline the system of rendering medical services to tourists visiting Japan. According to a 2016 study conducted by the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, 35% of the healthcare facilities that treated tourists and other foreign patients had some of t
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  • Kampo - magic or reality?
    Many people have heard of kampo, Japanese herbal alternative medicine. The kampo method of preparing medicinal herbs was developed in ancient times and comprises a complex system of impacts on the human body, primarily aimed at restoring natural balance.   In modern Japanese medicine, kampo treatments are frequently prescribed by many doctors to fill in the gaps left by drugs used in western medical practice.   Practitioners began developing finished dosage forms of kampo medicines as early as the 1920s, but the modern kampo system was officially recognised and approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health in 1976, so that the main kampo medicines are now covered in the national health insurance program along with other prescription drugs.   The main treatmen
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  • Virus spread danger reported in Japan!
    Yesterday The Yomiuri Simbun issued a warning against the outbreak of rubella. In the Kanto region officials see the sharp rise in rubella cases, which leads, among other complications, to hearing loss in infants.   The occurrence of rubella cases is increasing in Chiba prefecture and other Kanto areas. For this reason, for the first time in five years the Ministry of Labor and Welfare has issued an official notification to regional administrations calling for implementation of preventive measures such as vaccination. The danger of virus spread especially increases throughout the country during the holidays season.    According to the statistics of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, the number of cases at the time of August this year reached 96 people
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  • MediChat visits the first Medical Japan Tokyo EXPO!
    On September 12, MediChat founders attended the first Medical Japan Tokyo EXPO which covers all the cutting-edge products, services and IT solutions for health care such as air conditioning systems for infectious diseases wards, robotic suits for nurses, which reduce the load when lifting weights and humanoid robots. The humanoid robot Nao is designed to assist in teaching young children with autism spectrum disorders, and to expand communication skills of the elderly visiting day care centres. Nao can be trained and programmed in 21 languages! Florrie the robot is designed for waiting rooms and reception halls at medical institutions. It can conduct a primary patient interview and enter information into the hospital system, as well as entertain patients while waiting. Both robots
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  • Available in Russian only
    Available in Russian only
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  • Available only in Russian
    Available only in Russian
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