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Terms of Service

These terms of service (hereafter “the terms”) determine the terms of service for the service provided on this website (hereafter “the service”) by MediChat LLC (hereafter “the company”). All users (hereafter “users”) must use the service in accordance with the terms.

Article 1 (Range of application)

The terms shall apply to every aspect of use of the service between the users and the company.

Article 2 (Registration for use)

Those desiring to register should make an application to register for use via the method stipulated by the company, and shall be registered for use once the company approves said application.

If the company determines that any of the following apply to any party applying to register for use, they may decline to approve the application in question, and bear no responsibility to disclose their reasons for doing so.

(1) In the case of reporting any false information in the application to register for use

(2) In the case of application from one who has violated the terms in the past

(3) Any other cases in which the company determines registration for use is not suitable.

Article 3 (Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Act)

Seller MediChat LLC
Representative CEO Olena Potapova
Address 1-40-2-403 Nishidai, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
Telephone number 03-6479-8225
Operating hours Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00  (Excluding weekends and public holidays)
Email address
Website address
Service price Details are listed on the “Services &fees “ page.
Necessary charges other than the service price Consumption tax, bank commission
Service delivery A purchased service package is available for use after payment confirmation.
Payment method Credit card, bank transfer
Cancellation, returning and exchanging Due to the nature of the service cancellation, returning or exchanging is not accepted.
Service cancellation without cause In case of service cancellation without cause in the middle of the month a monthly fee will be charged, and no refund on the pro-rated basis will be made.

Article 4 (Usage fees and payment method)

Users, as the charge for use of the service, will pay the usage fee as determined separately by the company and displayed on the website, via the method as stipulated by the company.

If users are delinquent in payment of usage fees, provision of the service to the user in question will cease.

Article 5 (Prohibited actions)

Users must not perform any of the following acts while making use of the service.

(1) Any acts contravening law and ordinances or public order and morals

(2) Any acts related to criminal activities

(3) Any acts intended to damage or disrupt the company’s server or network functions

(4) Any acts that may have a negative impact on the operation of the company’s service

(5) Any acts collecting or accumulating the personal information of other users

(6) Any acts pretending to be other users

(7) Any acts relating to the company’s service that directly or indirectly profit criminal groups and individuals

(8) Any other acts that the company determines to be unsuitable.

Article 6 (Cessation of provision of the service etc.)

The company may cease or suspend provision of the entire service or any part of the service, without providing prior notification to the users, in the case of any of the following circumstances.

(1) In order to perform maintenance, inspections or updates to the computer systems relating to the service

(2) In the case that an accident relating to the computers, communication lines etc. causes a cessation of the service

(3) Any other case in which the company determines that it is difficult to provide the service

The company bears no responsibility for any disadvantages or damages incurred to the users or any third party as a result of the cessation or suspension of the service, regardless of the reason.

Article 7 (Restrictions on use and erasure of registration)

The company may restrict a user’s use of the entire service, any part of the service, or completely erase said user’s registration, and without providing prior notification to the user, in the case of any of the following circumstances.

(1) In the case that the user violates any of the stipulations of the terms

(2) In the case that it is determined that the user provided false information as part of their registration

(3) Any other case in which the company determines that use of the service by the user is not suitable

The company bears no responsibility for any damages incurred to the user as a result of actions taken based in this article.

Article 8 (Disclaimer)

The company is exempt from all responsibility for non-fulfillment of financial obligations, unless caused knowingly by the company or through gross negligence.

Even under those circumstances in which the company shall bear responsibility for any reason, the company shall only be liable for compensation within the range of damages that can reasonably be expected to occur, and within the range of the price of the charged service (in the case of an ongoing service, the amount equal to use of the service for one month).

The company shall bear no responsibility for any deals, communications, disputes etc. occurring between users, or between a user and a third party, in relation to the service.

Article 9 (Changes to the content of the service etc.)

The company may change the content of the service or suspend provision of the service without providing notification to users, and the company bears no responsibility for any damages incurred to the users as a result.

Article 10 (Changes to the terms of service)

The company may, when determined to be necessary, change these terms at any time without providing notification to users.

Article 11 (Notifications and communication)

All notifications and communication between users and the company shall be performed using methods as determined by the company.

Article 12 (Prohibition of transference of rights and obligations)

Users may not, without prior written acknowledgment from the company, transfer to or use as collateral with a third party the position, rights or obligations granted to them as based in the terms.

Article 13 (Governing law/jurisdiction)

Japanese law shall be the governing law for interpretation of the terms.

In the case of disputes arising relating to the service, the court with jurisdiction over the address of the company’s headquarters shall have exclusive jurisdiction.